What we do

What we do

Expert Support Association (ESA) was established in 2008 to provide assistance to public and private entities in the field of project development and management. We support our clients and partners in the following ways:

we offer administrative support and expert knowledge in the areas of administrative capacity, marketing of destinations, local development, environmental politics, European integration, etc.;

we draft strategic documents, conduct analyses and develop of databases

we draft project and tender proposals and documentation, including under the EU funding mechanisms and other donor programs;

we organize and implement promotion and awareness-raising campaigns for the dissemination of project information and results;

we organize conferences, workshops and other training events

we provide services related to project coordination, reporting and management

ESA provides support to Bulgarian and foreign private companies, municipalities, public bodies and non-governmental organizations in the preparation and management of projects in various areas, including:

  • social inclusion, equal opportunities, non-discrimination,
  • education,
  • technology transfer, development of a competitive business environment, etc.

    ESA is seated in Sofia, Bulgaria and we also have an office in the US, in Chicago, IL. The US branch exists to facilitate the exchange of ideas between cultures and countries, to provide cultural education, and to preserve the heritage of various European cultures within the United States.


    Office: Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, Blvd. Hristo Botev 20, floor 3.


    +359 884 015152
    +359 888 984860
    +359 887 815729